Wind Energy

Topics: Law, Academic dishonesty, Grade Pages: 3 (594 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Dr. Brion A. Scudder, esq.
Associate Professor
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Eberly College of Business

BLAW 235- Spring 2013 MWF

Instructor:Brion A. Scudder
Office Telephone:357-5744
Office Hours:T.B.A.

Course Description:

Explores the current American legal system by providing students with an introduction to a variety of legal topics important to all individuals and businesses. Topics will include sources of law, the court system, tort law, criminal law and contracts. Ethical issues and international law are integrated throughout the course. The course may also cover employment related topics and law.

Text Books & Materials:

CUSTOM BOOK, adapted from Cheeseman Business Law 7th edition. Available at the bookstore. If you want to buy the book on-line (Amazon) you can purchase the entire text called “Business Law” by Henry Cheeseman (any edition).

Please ensure that you purchase the correct text as Professor Troxell also uses a custom book for her section of the course and we cover slightly different topics

In addition, the Professor will periodically distribute handouts to the class or post material on-line.

Course Attendance:

While I do not take attendance, there is a direct positive correlation between attendance and performance on exams. Failure to officially withdraw within the policies of Indiana University of Pennsylvania will result in a definitive grade that will affect your grade point average. If you will be absent for an extended length of time or have extenuating circumstances please contact me and then contact the Academic Advising Office or other appropriate I.U.P office.

Sports Teams and other planned absences:

The syllabus indicates all exam dates and assignment due dates for which you are responsible. I expect you to turn in things on time. If you have a conflict with an exam/assignment date you should notify me NOW… not after the exam. IF...
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