Wind and Window Flower

Topics: Love, Drama films, Wind Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: November 11, 2007
Wind and Window Flower
By: Robert Frost

T: When I first heard the title, I thought on the lines that it would talk about the window flower blowing in the wind.

P: The poem in my own words is talking about this flower sitting in the windowsill who had this winter breeze come by. Since winter winds don't go along with flowers trying to grow, it just wasn't working

C: The deeper meaning of the poem had to do with two lovers. The flower was the girl and the winter breeze was the boy. Flower for girl can mean the girl was feminine, warm, and dainty. The winter breeze for the boy meant he could have been, cold, swift, and stubborn. So what I get from this is that they weren't right for each other and so things just fell apart.

A: The attitude in this poem is more towards heartbreak then love. But there is a sense of love in the tone. These two things loved each other, but it just wasn't meant to be. It makes the reader see hopelessness in their love life.

S: The shift is not a big one. But it goes from wanting to try to work things out to just having them go away.

T: The title doesn't make you think it's going to be a love story right away. It may not technically be about love as the sense of happiness. It is love in misfortunate way.

T: The theme the poet is coming across to me is that like the wind, love is blind. But with the blindness comes many downfalls. Although this flower and winter breeze loved each other, they were not meant to be.
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