Win Win Situation

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Pricing Pages: 9 (1392 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Business Plan Report
Paper Bag
Manufacturing Company
Company Name: M.A.D (Make A Difference)
Paper Bags

Presented by:
Karuna .hanabaratti

Table of Contents

Management team|
Strategic plan|
Marketing plan |
Financial plan |
Operation plan|
Human resources plan|
Environment and societal Benefits|
Future plans and conclusion |

People- Unemployment is increasing in our country. The large-scale industries, which do not provide wide employment, because they are capital intensive. So, the small-scale industry must be developed in our country because they are labour intensive. So, they can provide more employment. Profit-The introduction of shopping complexes & consumer stores in the semi-urban & rural areas are creating additional and huge demand for paper bags. Paper bag manufacturing therefore, may be taken up as a profitable manufacturing activity . Also in the near future there will be a time when plastic bags will be completely banned at that time our products will be hugely in demand. Due to the introduction of the law of limit of using a plastic bag of a certain micron level shop keepers are including the charges of plastic bags to the end consumers i.e they are charging for the plastic bags because customers will be reluctant to buy plastic bags. So either customers go without any bags or tend to buy the plastic bags at an additional cost of 2 -5Rs.. . At this cost we can easily provide them paper bags too( Only in small shops) . Planet- Plastic bags may be cheap and durable to use but not at the cost of our Planet. Even A single degradable plastic bag takes years to degrade. Whereas paper bags are easily degradable and also can be recycled easily. In the coming future there will come a time when plastic bags will be totally banned. Also plastic bags are blocking drainage pipes and gutters massively . The only soloution to all these issues is to create proper awareness that paper bags is the best prevention measure to save our earth and have a sustainable development. Hence we propose to start a business to manufacter paper bags of different styles,colors and sizes . Distribute them to brand retailers, Gift shops ,consumer stores, pharmas etc. We also plan to have our own small retail outlet exclusively for paper bags to attract end consumers.

Management Team
4 Owners Production(2) Marketing Finance Semi Skilled Workers Salesman Accountant Workers Workers

Our main management team consists of 4 partners in which 2 manage the Production , 1 Manages the Marketing process and the fourth manages the finance.

* Customized Paper Bags with Printed Photographs and Customized Text Our target customers here will be the ones who come to gift shops as gifting a Bag can be a good idea on occasions like valentines day, mothers day etc with the photo and message for your dear one. * Covered Bags

Most of the bags used today are open bags. Hence we have a category of bags which are closed as the materials bought in the bag will not be disclosed.

* Foldable Bags
We also plan to sell bags which can folded so that they can be easily carried.

* Bags with slogans
We plan to sell simple craft made brown bags but with bold texted slogans which...
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