Win Some Lose Some

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Win Some Lose Some
Casinos are more and more common in small communities. With this being said small communities are changing into a gambling economy. There are both negative as well as positive impacts of casino gambling on the economy. In some cases the positive aspects outweigh the negative. Casinos are good sources of economic development, creating jobs and providing resources needed to build a better economy.

A casino is a good choice as to help with economic development. This is a great way to attract people who bring in revenue. Take the Northern Quest Resort & Casino as an example; it is located in Airway Heights which is a small city. A once small town is now popular with the excitement of a casino. Before the casino there was just an airport, and an Air force base. Now that there is a casino there are a lot more stores, housing, and people. The growth of the economy is slowly increasing with Wal Mart, Village Center Cinemas, Spokane County Raceway, and of course the casino. When the casino was created many new jobs and opportunities were made for local people. There were many jobs before the actual casino was open which was construction and after it was built there were numerous jobs inside of the casino. The construction jobs declined once the casino was complete but there were still jobs inside of the building. The Kalispel’s HR department preferred to hire Indians only. The Kalispel Tribe and Northern Quest Resort & Casino created approximately 1,600 jobs and about $1.1 million each month in local or locally affiliated goods and services. (Northern) However, the downside of a casino is that the community turns into a gambling economy and there can be negative consequences. State governments continue to have concerns surrounding organized crime’s attraction to Indian gaming. (Native) Residence in the area gets addicted to gambling, to the thought of winning big. Gamblers have the belief that if they keep playing then they will win. Addiction...
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