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  • Published : May 12, 2010
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Wimm Bill Dann – SWOT Analysis

Missing information from Resources & Capabilities research!


Occupy leading position in the market 1, 3, 14 •Established Brand in Russia 1, 3
High quality products 1, 13
Diverse product basket 13
Understanding of Russian Market 1

Survivors, prospered during the financial crisis due to being the local producer, when imports struggled due to the weakness of the Rouble 9 •Entrepreneurial management: rented a production line in an existing factory to get started. 9 •Ambitious, experienced new people from outside the company hired for leading positions 13


Lack of recognition abroad 9
Lack of networks and contacts in foreign markets 11 •Lack of internal innovation  reliance on M&A for new products 1, 9, 14

Reliance on (primitive) dairy farmers 9
Russian climate limits fruit supply to certain seasons

Internally fragmented 9
Weak financial reporting 1

Finding & hiring qualified personnel in growing market 1


Diversification into higher value segments, e.g. premium-range yoghurt, yogurt drinks, dairy deserts, soft drinks (e.g. sparking, flavoured water) 3, 7 •Diversification into growing market for Baby & children’s food 7 •Diversification into non-directly related fields, e.g. ice-cream, chocolate, tea 3

Acquisition of other dairies to get geographical coverage 1 •M&A in water to gain consolidated market 9

Improve the supply chain (logistics, JIT delivery, order intake, IT) 11 •Operational efficiency improvements (at dairies) 9 •Changing market, increasing distribution through supermarkets (strategic customers) 2, 15 •Low wages 12

Abundant natural resources. E.g. gas

Joint venture, e.g. with Danone or Pepsi Co. to gain capital and distribution 10

Growing Russian Market for dairy, baby food, water, drinks, confectionery 1, 3 •Growing...
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