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Wimax: The Next Broadband Wireless Revolution
WiMax is the next step on the road to a wireless world, extending broadband wireless access to new locations and over longer distances. It will also significally reduces the cost of bringing broadband to new areas. [pic]

WiMax (worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is the recently approved IEEE 802.16 wireless metropolitan area network (MAN) standard for wireless access. WiMax is the real wireless architecture by which the wireless access range can extended to 49.6Kms compared with Wi-Fi 91mts and Bluetooth’s 9mts. WiMax 802.16 has a single carrier modulation scheme that operates between 10GHz and 66GHz radio frequency and requires line of sight towers for the connection to work. The new ratified 802.16a extension uses a lower frequency range of 2GHz to 11GHz, and does not require line of sight towers. It also boasts 70Mbps data transfer rate that can support thousands of users.

Wi-Fi Vs WiMax:
Wi-Fi uses a small base station plugged into a high speed (broadband ) connection to link laptops or Internet with in 50mts. Wi-Fi is undoubtedly popular.And is used mainly to provide wireless access inside homes, offices and schools.But few people seem to be prepared to pay much amount for Wi-Fi access in ‘hotspots’ like airports and railway stations. WiMax is considered as the next step beyond Wi-Fi because it is optimized for broadband operation in a WAN. It already includes numerous advancements like quality of service, enhanced security, higher data rates and uses smart antenna technology which allows better use of the spectrum. ARCHITECTURE OF WiMax:

The core components of a WiMax system are the subscriber station (SS) and the base station (BS). A BS and one or more SS’s can form a cell with point to multipoint (P2MP) structure. An 802.16 based system often uses...
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