Wilson Satire Essay

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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In both of Wilson’s passages he illustrates the unproductiveness actions made by the Environmentalist and the “critics of the environmental movement” by emphasizing their similar strategies on bashing one another’s view on the environment. Wilson writes both passages with parallelism to emphasis his point on how similar both arguments made by each side are and because they are similar they have no effect towards one another’s extreme claims. Through his satirical works Wilson makes the assertion that both groups are pointless through the use of syntax, the appeal of pathos, and applying strong diction. Wilson does this in order to prove that both groups are too radical to get anything done productively for their cause.

Wilson starts both passages with the titles given to both of the groups, but then gives examples of nick names given to both groups to satirize the idea of what both groups are suppose to represent. Then Wilson accuses each side of having corrupt “hidden agendas.” It is that they only want to have an impact on the government for their self interest and benefits. Thus, Wilson satirically proving that neither group can be productive since both of their goals is the opposite of the other. As a scientist, Wilson employees the use of pathos to emotionally string his views to match his satirical claims in order to ridicule both groups. Wilson does this through the use of satirical nick names he gives both groups. Wilson also constructs logical fallacies to indicate the dangerous sides of having both groups have an impact on the federal government or the corporate power of the economy. Wilson makes his final claim in his passages by mentioning that if either group was to lose their power that neither would be structurally sound. This final point that Wilson mentions is another reason why neither groups is valuable to the rest of Americans.

Wilson has a very satirical and mockery tone toward both groups. Wilson claims that one groups is too radical...
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