Wilms Tumor a Child's Cancer

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Wilms Tumor a Childs Cancer

Cancer is caused by a mutated (change) gene cell.
Cells in the fetus (baby) do not mature in the kidneys.
Small or large clusters of these kidney cells remain when the baby is born and will mature by the child’s age of three or four. If the cells do not mature they can grow out of control causing Wilms Tumor. •Wilms Tumor has also been linked to birth defects called syndromes. Syndromes are a group of systems linked to certain changes within the genes that could be missing or only have a half and be the cause of Wilms Tumor. Risks

The risk factor for Wilms Tumor cannot be controlled they are genetic (hereditary, inherited) from an abnormal gene from a parent. Because of how Wilms Tumor is caused there is no prevention that can be done. •A child born with a syndrome or birth defect chances are higher and should be tested. Detention and Diagnosis

Swelling in the belly.
Ultrasound uses sound waves and a computer to see inside the stomach. •No blood tests or other test are available that can detect Wilms Tumor in healthy children. •A child born with syndromes or birth defects should have their kidneys tested by ultrasound every three months until the age seven to catch tumors early before it spreads to other organs. Treatment

Surgery, chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation. If the child needs chemotherapy or radiation the child will stay in the hospital. Side Effects
Nauseas, vomiting
Loss of appetite
Constipation or diarrhea
Pain in the arms, legs, and jaw.
Hair loss
Increased chance of infections (white blood cell count down). Support Group
I Can Cope – 1-800-227-2345

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