Willy Loman's Poems

Topics: Death of a Salesman, United Nations, Gender Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Today according to our society, men and women are treated equally. No gender is more favorable then another. This however is a statement that is disagreed by many people. Many people believe that men are more favorable then women in our society. This however still exists among many undeveloped nations. In the play, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, portrays women as disregarded human beings through the eyes of the male characters, and also portrays how women were treated in the previous generations. The women in this play provide the Lomans with pleasure and protection. We see Linda as a remedy and cure for Willy. We see this when Linda says to Willy “you are the handsomest man in the world” Linda is providing Willy with a boost and a lift from the gloomy dark and shedding light on him. We also see this when Willy complains about owning a dilapidated house, and Linda comforts Willy by telling him that it is an achievement, meaning that he already paid it off. We also learn that Willy’s ladylove in Boston supplies him with help. Since this women increases his personality, telling him things like "You're so sweet, and such a kidder." This shows that women in this play exist to make Willy’s character prosper. The women in this play also provide Willy Loman with a means of judgment, especially Linda. Linda acts as a evaluator for Biff and Happy, her two sons. Linda brings their lack of successs and failure into a positive one. In act one, Linda calls Happy a "philandering bum” and she tells Biff “You are such a boy” The women in death of a salesman show Willy Loman’s true self. Willy Loman cheats on his wife and is disloyal to her and to himself. He lives his life in complete distress. Willy’s mistress shows his disloyalty and his imperfection. Also, many women in this play have pointed out that Happy is very sexual and a playboy. We see this through Miss Forsythe, when Happy abandons his father just to put on moves for Miss Forsythe . Miss Forsythe is there...
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