Willing to Listen

Topics: Psychology, Interpersonal relationship, Psychometrics Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Willingness to Listen

Based on your results, do you have a high, moderate, or low willingness to listen to others? “Willingness to Listen Measure.” Well doing this test to me is not totally correct for me. It is just simply asking about speakers dealing with would you or would you be unwilling to. This test says that I am a moderate listener. How do you think your willingness to listen score could impact your interpersonal relationships? Now, see this is what I mean by the test not being totally correct, cause when it comes to interpersonal relationships it is totally a different type of listening. For me, I try to make sure that I am understanding what they are truly saying and meaning. This score does not impact my interpersonal relationship in any way. Do you think that this measure was accurate for you? For me I don't see this being the best way to find out what level of willingness to listen that you truly are. I feel that asking broader questions in different areas would help to get a more correct answers. What about the measure do you think was or was not accurate? See with speakers boring, not clear speakers there is still some thing that can be learn from them. Being in a field where you have the continual education courses that you have to take to stay on top of information and to keep your license, you learn to listen and learn what you can from the speakers. This is just my thoughts on the Willing to Listen measure web site and the test.
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