Williams Syndrome

Topics: Hypertension, Williams syndrome, 1980 Pages: 3 (496 words) Published: September 30, 2012
1. What year was the first documented case?

1961 (Davis)

2. How was williams syndrome identified?

Williams Syndrome was identified by physical and mental characteristics. (Davis)

3. Who was the doctor/Patient?

Dr. J.C.P. Williams, a cardiologist in Auckland, New Zealand. (Davis)

4. Are there any famous people with Williams Syndrome?

There aren't any well-known celebrities with Williams Syndrome.

5. What body systems or part of the body does this disorder affect, explain how this disease affects the body?

Cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, SVAS ( Supravalvular aortic stenosis); the physical narrowing of blood vessels leading to possible heart failure. (Wellness.com)

6. Is Williams Syndrome Degenerative?

Yes, Williams Syndrome is Degenerative. The degenerative condition occurs when the heart cannot beat efficiently and doesn't pump enough blood for the body because of the narrowing veins from Williams Syndrome. (wellness.com)

7. Are there any ethical or moral issues to consider when testing for Williams syndrome?

There aren't any ethical or moral issues to consider when testing for Williams Syndrome.

8. How is the quality of life for people living with this disorder affected?

Early attention, social activities, and the proper medical care can make an major difference for the quality of life for those living with Williams Syndrome; however, with the disease being genetic certain medical issues such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, as well as ADHD, affinity for music, or anxiety can become a roadblock in people's lives that live with Williams Syndrome (williams-syndrome.org)

Are there any risk to the baby? mother? (Genetic Test)

As Williams Syndrome is genetic the baby could be effected with Williams Syndrome if the mother is living with Williams Syndrome. (williams-syndrome.org)


Davis, Vickie. "Williams Syndrome." Lynchburg College. Lynchburg College, April 15, 2005. Web. 26 Mar...
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