Williams-Sonoma Case Study

Topics: Internet, Kroger, History of the Internet Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: April 6, 2013
1. Williams-Sonoma made a good choice when they hired Laura Alber, the force behind the successful Pottery Barn. The organization understands its market and has done a good job thus far with keeping up with changing needs and trends. The company will continue to strive and reach much success if they continue with its current strategies and objectives. The company has been able to negotiate payment in US dollars to pay for foreign merchandise saving the company money on foreign currency exchanges, they have managed to increase profits through the use of internet distribution and they continue to remain competitive. They continue to reinvent themselves by creating new ideas and concepts gaining customer loyalty and with hopes to gain a new fan base. Having a good strategic plan will increase the company’s ability to make decisions that will assure long-term financial institution survival growth (Reflection Point, Inc.). Williams-Sonoma has a great opportunity and is in a good position to expand their brand nationally and internationally whether they focus on expanding its main store or one of its subsidiaries. If they continue to access the stores that are meeting goals and making profits; thereby closing or relocating the stores that are falling short they will be able to avoid big losses and hurting their bottom line. In five years Williams-Sonoma will be one of the biggest and best specialty retailers of home products with more stores in the U.S. and overseas.

2. If I was CEO of Williams-Sonoma there would only be a few strategies that I would recommend. I would recommend the company continue to boost its ecommerce sales for all stores. Williams-Sonoma's biggest gains came from its non-store business, as fourth quarter direct-to-customer net revenue increased 13.8% to $531 million, led by Pottery Barn and West Elm. E-commerce revenues jumped 18.1% to $465 million in its 2011fourth quarter (Engel, 2012). I would also want to appeal to a wider...
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