Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Self-Assessment and My Personal Values

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Philosophy of life Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: March 18, 2011
The rationale of this paper is to reflect on Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment and my personal values in conjunction with the management values at Kudler Fine Foods. The summary of my paper will show how ethical decision- making involves three components-awareness, articulation and application will focus on the personal values and ethics. I will focus on a number of meticulous instances, people and events that shape my beliefs or values. I will also emphasize how these values will affect the decision-making process and the impact it has on my performance in the workplace. Value Theory and Personal values are the structure for all. Our value is what builds us the way I am and the way I am viewed by my colleagues.

How would I define my personal values? My definition would be what I believe in and how I am. The value that I believe should provide an eminence life appropriate for my family and I which to me means spending the a large amount time with my family is significant. I learned my values from a family oriented home in addition to a village that looked after me when my parents are not around. My mother stayed home and a father who worked out of state and traveled great deal. The majority of my values where urbanized from what I learned all through life. I will improve my values by living and developing better values that will benefit society and me. In doing so I will develop more and improve my values by practicing what is right or wrong. Rules can provide a path or guideline to improve and expand values that are supplementary positive. Rules can enhance ones ethical advancement, within their personally and professionally lives. When it comes to my personal values and ethics, I am tough and impartial. I acquired these ethical values growing up in the Caribbean. I was trained on what is right and what is wrong by example. I was discipline if I did something wrong, or acquaint with a fib. Both parents and...
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