William the Conqueror and the Establishment of Norman Rule in England

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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By what methods and with what results did William the Conqueror establish Norman rule in England from 1066-1087 ?

William was confronted by problems that no previous ruler had to face. The kingdom of England and William’s posseisions in Northern France were seperated by a wide expase of sea. William had to work hard to establish order in all his lands and by 1086 this was largely achieved. The Normans used many means to esatblish their kingdom in 1066. Many of these techniques included crushing the opposition. The Normans used various different techniques to establish their kingdom, of which many were quite succesful.

The First technique that the Normans used to establish their rule in England from 1066 to 1087 was Terror and Violence. Terror and Violence was a technique directly involved in crushing any opposition. This technique often involved the systematic waisting of land in order to cursh the opposition. Ths technique had already been used in the phase before Hastings, as we can see on the extract of the Bayeux Tapestry which shows Norman soldiers burning down a house and it’s inhabitants. Yet in the phase prior to Hastings it was not used as a method to establish Norman Rule. Therefore it is irrelevant. Yet it gives us a good picture on how theses techiniques and been used prior situations to England. This technique had also been used during the rebellions in the North of England, This phase was known as the “Harrying of the North”. During the “Harrying of the North”, the Normans salted the fields of nearly all farmers to ensure that they would not be able to grow crops any longer. Terror and Violence ensured short term sucess because the opposition was largely crushed by 1070, yet it brought huge cosequences with it in the long term. Over the Long term it caused the economic stagnation of Nothern England. This technique to establish Norman rule from 1066 -1087 was relatively suceesful. Evencthough it ment that Northern England and too recover for...
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