William Stafford “Traveling Through the Dark” & Robert Frost “the Road Not Taken”

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Ismael Gonzalez
Professor Edwards
February 24, 2013

William Stafford “Traveling Through the Dark” & Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken”
In Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” we can see how many different aspects of life decision making comes in the form of symbolisms. “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood. And sorry I couldn’t not travel both” This showing use how unwilling the character is of not making a right decision, this is centered on how life can come with certain choices one must make but is very unclear on how to. People always want to have everything at once but it is to show that it is impossible to have it all at the same time. The contrast completely with William Stafford “Traveling Through the Dark” where even if a stranger is killed; the perpetrator knows what he has to do and how he takes a decision when the events occurred. Although making the right choices in life is not always easy. The literary works of Robert Frost’s “The Road not Taken” and William Stafford’s “Traveling through the Dark” are about making life decisions and the lessons learned as we travel though life’s journey. This is all connected to us as readers one way or another if it is taken from a personal point of view. In William Stafford's poem "Traveling through the Dark", the speaker is faced with making a morally tough decision, and with hesitation, he decides to do what is right. The meaning of the title suggests that the narrator is trying to make a difficult decision.  The title of this poem suggests a normal everyday occurrence. Even when the finding of the dead deer is discovered it is not portrayed as a traumatic or the narrator proceeds with his unfortunate task. When he approaches the scene notices that the deer has a big belly meaning that she was about to give birth to a baby deer, at this point the narrator puts the main character in a tough decision making time just like life would be. In this moment he stops, being distraught by the decision he has to...