William Shakspeare

Topics: William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, Anne Hathaway Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: March 17, 2013
William Shakespeare

Stephen Ciccone

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born in a town called Stratford, Warwickshire located in England. His birthdate is unknown but he was baptized as a catholic on April 26th 1564 in the Holy Trinity Church. His father was John Shakespeare and his mother was Mary Arden. His father was a leather merchant and his mother was a landed heiress. He was the 3rd of 8 children and was born in the Renaissance period. He was the oldest to survive out of the 8 children. On November 28th 1582, in Worcester, at the age of 18 Shakespeare married a 26 year old women by the name of Anne Hathaway and had 3 children, Susanna, Hamnet and Judith. His daughters grew up and married off but his son died at the age of 11. His career as an actor, writer, and a co owner of a Lord Chamberlains Men(playing company) began in London between the years 1585 and 1592. This was the time of the deathly plague when people fled off to other countries or were locked in their houses due to the unhealthy air. He began writing comedies and histories. Then he developed a passion for tragedies. He wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 narrative poems and other poems as well. Most of Shakespeare’s plays were written between the years 1589 to 1613. Some of his works include Hamlet, Othello and Macbeth. By 1597 he purchased the second largest house in Stratford, called New House, for his family. By 1599 him and his partners built their own theater in Thames River and called it ‘THE GLOBE.” In 1605 he purchased many real estate. These investments gave him time to write his plays uninterrupted. Shakespeare’s early plays were written with elaborate metaphors. He was very innovative. Shakespeare was a respected poet and playwright in his own day but his reputation did not rise until the 19th century. At the age of 49 he retire in his hometown of Stratford and died 3 years later on April 23rd at the age of 52. After Shakespeare died people...
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