William Shakespeare's Hamlet: Many Traps

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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In the play of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” there are many traps, some traps better than others. Some traps are meant to show justice, while others are meant to show nothing but revenge and evil. The very first trap that was planned that the reader reads about is the most important one of the entire play, in my perspective. Prince Hamlet talks to his father’s gost and the gost tells Hamlet that he was not killed by a snake, but by his own brother that is now the king. He wants Hamlet to know so that he can avenge his death, the perfect revenge. Claudius, the killer, kills King Hamlet so he can become king and have the queen as his wife. This shows how in life when you want something really bad that one is willing to do anything to get it. The following trap is one that Prince Hamlet does. He acts crazy so no one can suspect him of doing anything, suspects that he knows about his father’s death. He first wants to find out is what the gost told Hamlet was true or if it was just the devil trying to get him to sin, sin from the pain the he has. So he first wants to make sure if it is true then act upon it. While Hamlet acts crazy some suspicions come up as to why he is acting the way he is. One of those reasons is that he is madely in love with Ophila and is going crazy over the reason that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Polonius wants to be the one that finds out why, so he can look good in front if the king and queen . He plans to use his daughter Ophila to get Hamlet to confes that he is crazy for her because he loves her. This plan shows that if you want to gain/get something that you are willing to do anything, even use your own daughter

So Hamlet can see is Claudius really is the killer of his dad he sets up a play and calls upon a performance crew to act it out. The play is called “The Murder of Gonzage” talks about how one charcter is killed the same way that Claudius killed King Hamlet. Which is pouring a poison in the ear....
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