William Lloyd Garriso Research Paper

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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In his fight against slavery, William Lloyd Garrison said: “To kidnap children on the coast of Africa is a horrid crime, deservedly punishable with death; but he who steals them, in this country, as soon as they are born, performs not merely an innocent but a praiseworthy act.” Garrison made a very true and firm argument toward slavery and he was determined to the immediate change of abolition. William Lloyd Garrison worked hard for economic gain, learned journalism through various printing, co-edited the Quaker “Genius” with Benjamin Lundy and William Lloyd Garrison was shaped into the influential journalist that targeted slavery in his newspaper, The Liberator. With his use of harsh truth, commanding tone, and a staunch yet firm point of view against slavery, Garrison revealed the immoralities of slavery, developed a legacy of abolition and reform while being influenced and also criticized by other reformers, and brought power to the evolving press. The combination of the decline in Federalism and Garrison’s Christian beliefs emphasized his arguments to fight slavery. With the election of Thomas Jefferson as president, Federalist powers would decline; and “His father, Abijah, was a sailing master whose fortunes collapsed with the Embargo Act passed by Congress in1807.” The embargo damaged his father’s job, and caused him to desert his family. With Garrison’s father gone, the family was forced to make a living on their own, which was not an easy one. “These experiences left scars-and also compassion for outcasts.” Garrison started his apprenticeship in journalism with a man named Benjamin Lundy. He helped Lundy co-edit the paper The Genius of Universal Emancipation. “While assisting Lundy in Baltimore, Garrison boarded with free blacks and saw the horrors of slavery and the slave trade firsthand.” The decline of Federalism allowed for a more democratic government for the people, giving them a choice, to keep, or to go against slavery, in which Garrison did. Garrison’s Christian beliefs lead him to believe that the slavery was morally wrong in the eyes of God, all men are equal. Of course when coming up with a name for the newspaper Garrison began chose a very provocative name titled The Liberator. Coincidently his first issue dealt with black people defending themselves against their oppressors. “Garrison was opposed to violence, but he said repeatedly that American Revolution itself testified to the rightness of warfare for freedom. Garrison could never quite bring himself to say that violent resistance was correct in principle, even as he approved of it in specific cases. Was violence justified or not?” This was a question that would help Garrison’s argument of universal human equality, in defense of the black people as a race. The Liberator attacks all forms of slavery and expresses the idea that freedom and slavery cannot mix “elements which are eternally hostile. God has never made it possible for Liberty and Slavery to live together in partnership.” This showed how Garrison believed that if both the Northerners and Southerners that defending slavery would change their views, peace would come. If that wasn’t the case there would surely be rebellion, bloodshed and war. Garrison adopted Thomas Paine’s words as his own motto; “our country is the world- our countrymen are mankind.” Through his use of Thomas Paine’s words on the front page of The Liberator, he shows that all of the countrymen, including blacks are of equal mankind showing his belief in universal equality. With the issuing of the Liberator, Garrison promised to be “as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice,” for the purpose of a rhetorical tool, appealing to his reader’s attitudes and beliefs, in order to sway them towards abolitionism. Only the truth would provide enough evidence of the wrongness of slavery, and the people knowing such facts could perhaps lead them to fight for abolition. Garrison mocked key...
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