William Kincaid

Topics: Orchestra, Musical instrument, Flute Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: December 17, 2012
My Search Question: What I Already Knew/ What I Wanted To Know
Have you ever played a musical instrument? Have you ever played in or heard of an orchestra? Well, William Kincaid did. William was a flute player for the Philadelphia Orchestra. From age 26 until he retired William played for the Philadelphia Orchestra. He was a great flute player and had many solo performances with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

I know that William had been playing the flute since he was in fourth grade. I know this because when I was in fifth grade I started a biography on him and then decided not to. I really didn’t know what to do my research paper on so now I am going to do a research paper on him. While William was growing up and becoming better at playing the flute, William studied with an amazing flute player, Georges Barrere. William received the CoHartman Kuhn award because of his great playing. William went to Columbia University and The Institute of Musical Arts to study the flute.

I wanted to know more about how you would normally go about getting into the Philadelphia Orchestra. I didn’t know if you had to audition to get in or if you had been selected from a list of other people. I also wanted to know what was William’s experience like getting into the Philadelphia Orchestra and how he got into the Orchestra. I took what I wanted to know and formed a topic question. What is the standard procedure to get into the Philadelphia Orchestra and what was William’s experience like? My Search Process

My search took two weeks. I began my search process by separating my topic question into two parts. The first part was, “What is the standard procedure to get into the Philadelphia Orchestra?” The second part was, “What was William’s experience like?”

I started researching the first part by going online and googling “The Philadelphia Orchestra” and not a lot of information came up. I had to word it more precisely “how do you get into the Philadelphia Orchestra?” and even...
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