William Isaac Thomas

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  • Published : January 28, 2012
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The Thomas Theorem

William Isaac Thomas (13 August 1863 – 5 December 1947) was an American sociologist. I decided to write about the W.I Thomas after reading about the other theorist I decided that W.I Thomas theory was much more intriguing and very controversial. W. I Thomas is well known for his quote: "If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences." In 1928, the sociologist W.I. Thomas formulated this statement which later became known as the Thomas Theorem. In other words, the interpretation of a situation causes the action. This interpretation is not objective. Actions are affected by subjective perceptions of situations. Whether there even is an objectively correct interpretation is not important for the purposes of helping guide individuals' behavior (http://en.wikipedia.org, 2011). The Thomas Theorem in my interpretation means that whatever you think or believe in it will become true. I agree with this theory to a certain extent that this only applies to some things in life and not all. For example if I think that I am going to be a millionaire it will not just come true I would have to do something in order to make my thoughts come true. How we view the world creates real and tangible outcomes in how we feel and what we do. W. I. Thomas (1863–1947) (1966) stated that whatever we believe to be real will become real in its consequences. So if we believe one religious or political group is right, we will act in a way that supports that view, and we may disagree with those who view things differently. We may try to convince them that our view is right (Vessling,2010). Although many people do not agree with the Thomas theory there are many who do. Law enforcement agencies use it to train officers in the handling of the mentally ill, and it’s been used effectively to explain everything from beauty contest outcomes to panic runs on bank deposits(soulshelter.com, Tim, 2008). The Secret, written by Ronda Byrne and As a Man...
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