William Harvey & His Discovery of Blood Circulation

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  • Published : August 5, 2008
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Many people learned about the Circulatory System in their elementary school years, so for many, it would be hard to imagine a time where Civilization were unaware of how blood works. It wasn’t until 1682 when a English physician named William Harvey discovered the Circulatory System, before than people didn’t know where it came from and were unaware of its importance, and since then medicine developed rapidly increasing people’s life span and becoming the foundation of medicine, and how much it has effected us to this day. William Harvey was born in 1578 in Folkston, England He went to Cambridge University and then studied medicine at the University Of Padua(1). He was married to Elizabeth Brown the Court physician daughter, who happened to be the Physician of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I(2). While married to Elizabeth he made a lot of rich and powerful friends, which helped his career skyrocket. This later on landed him the job not only as King James I Physician but also to King Charles I (3). While working with the King James I and King Charles I, Harvey became very interested in the human body and performed diligent research on it, especially on the blood flow of the human body while studying medicine at the University Of Padua, they helped find his research which opened many doors to different things he could experiment with and use to prove his theory . William was rather different that other doctors of his time because he refused to think like the others. During his time people believed that, food was converted into blood by the liver and then was used as fuel by the body, a theory set forth by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago(4). Other doctors believed the theory that the lungs moved the blood in the body back and forth like an ocean tide, which was set by Galen (5). Harvey disproved these theories through his experiments on animals. “His observations of dissected hearts showed that the valves in the heart allowed blood to flow in only...
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