William Harrah

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William F. Harrah

Daniel Seutter

The gaming industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Nowadays people can find casinos and gambling in almost every region in the world. There are gambling locations on cruise ships, in airports, and even gas stations. The gaming industry has evolved over many years and a lot of it as to do with the help from William F. Harrah. William F. Harrah is the founder of the popular Harrah’s casinos. He is one of the pioneers that helped shape the gaming industry of what it is today. Today, you can find many Harrah’s properties all over the United States.

The gaming industry dates back all the way to the 18th century. Most of the gambling back then was considered illegal. According to the American Gaming Association, “1931, Nevada legalizes casino gaming”. Once casino gaming was legalize many different gaming spots opened up all over Nevada especially the city of Reno. William F. Harrah or Bill Harrah started one of his early gaming establishments in Reno Nevada. Also according to the American Gaming Association, Nevada was the only state that had casino gaming legalized until New Jersey in 1976. Today, 18 states in the United states allows commercial gambling.

William F. Harrah was born September 2, 1911 in South Pasadena, CA. According to the legacy of William F. Harrah, Bill Harrah’s dad was the mayor of Venice Beach when he grew up. Also According to the legacy of William F. Harrah, Bill became very fascinated with cars. At the age of 16 his father bought him a Chevy roadster. He really enjoyed that car but, it go stolen and stripped. Bill vowed that one day he will own a duplicate of every car that the family would own. Bill attended college at UCLA for mechanical engineering until the stock market crashed. He then helped run the family business which included a bingo gaming hall.

According to the UNLV center for gaming research, “Harrah’s gaming career began in Venice, California, when in 1933 he bought...
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