William Golding Research Paper

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Travis Simmons
English II Adv.
Mrs. Dotson 7
13 May 2012
Through the Eyes of William Golding
William Golding was an amazing and artistic author. His versatile writings, visionary view on life, and the way he inputted subtle and special hints of his religious views are what made his career.

Golding's life began on September 19, 1911 when he was born in UK, St. Columb Minor to a Mr. and Mrs. Golding. Alex Golding, his father, was a schoolteacher. While Mildred Golding, his mother, was a suffragette. Although Golding was born in St. Columb Minor, he and his family lived in Malborough, Britain, where his parents brought him up to be a scientist. Golding, being a reluctant boy, did not want to be a scientist. His true calling was in literature. His readers can why this was his true calling. Golding attended private school at Malborough Grammar School. He also enrolled in Brasenose College, Oxford, in 1930, for a degree in Science. But being the man his parents wanted him to be was not his dream. He then switched to a degree in English, which he earned in 1935.

Golding, like his father, was also a teacher. He taught Philosophy at an English school, where he began his teaching career. In 1939 he moved to Salisbury, to pursue his teaching career. One year later, he served in the Royal Navy. William Golding was witness to the sinking of Bismarck, and several other important historic battles. He states that his time in the military changed him. After his time in the Royal Navy, Golding went back to be a teacher. He taught at the same school where his teaching career launched.

Fourteen years later, Golding had released his first, and finest novel, Lord of the Flies. The novel was a major hit. It is easy to tell that Golding drew every feeling he had into this novel. The war had impacted him. The novel gives readers an image of barbaric times, something that is easy to connect with warfare. Golding's story about a group of young children stranded on an island,...
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