William Golding

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William Golding Biography

Sir William Gerald Golding was born on September 19th, 1911 in the Saint Columb Minor in Cornwall, England. William was the son of Alec and Mildred Golding. His father was a school teacher who strongly believed in science and politics, while Golding’s mother was a strong supporter of the women’s suffrage movement in Britain. Golding attended Marlborough Grammar School where his father worked. At the age of 7 he found his love for writing, but without his parents’ approval, he was told to stop. Golding’s parents wanted him to focus on natural sciences instead. William attended Brasenose College in Oxford. He studied natural sciences for two years, and then switched over to English Literature and philosophy for the rest of his collegiate career. 1939 was the year that William married Ann Brookfield. A year later, Golding joined the Royal Navy and spent 6 years afloat. After the war, he went back to writing and teaching.

Golding’s writing career first started in 1935, when he published a volume of poems. In 1939 William moved to Salisbury and taught at Bishop Wordsworth School. This is where he wrote four books that were never published. One of those books was “Lord of the Flies.” This book was turned down by various publishers before it was actually published by E.M. Forster. This is one of Golding’s best known novels. As the years went by, William continued to write and teach. It was in 1961 that Golding retired from teaching to focus on his writing. He then lived in Wiltshire recreating music, began sailing, and became interested in classical Greek. In 1983 Golding was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. William Golding died on June 19th, 1993. At his death Golding left behind journals, years later, some of his material was published as 'The Dream Journals'. The ‘Double Tongue’ was released and published from a manu script Golding had completed before his death. William Golding was a widely known English novelist, an...
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