William Cullen Bryant

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William Cullen Bryant


Heidi (danying) Zhang
Erik (haoyu) Xu
Eason (yixin) Feng

In the beginning of 19th century, the American economy and politic was growing fast, and later, the culture was also growing. By that time, British writers were stimulating American writers that saying the American writers were copying from them because American literature was influenced by British Romanticism. Many American writers such as Benjamin Franklin, Washington Irving, James Fennimore Cooper, and William Cullen Bryant, were also trying to counterattack. Thus, there were some thoughts and new styles came up in the literature.

William Bryant was born in November 1794, Cumming ton, MA. Because of poor, he was dreaming about go to Harvard or Yale University but he could not go. So he became an editor and work at New York Evening Post.

William Bryant was romanticism; most of his works are considered with the nature because Bryant was also valetudinarianism. His father used to took him to talk and walk in the forest. That caused his passion with nature. He is skilled in describe the nature and has an extremely honorable imagination. When Bryant was 17, he published his most famous poem “Thanatopsis”. It was motivated by William Wordsworth’s lyrical ballads and the “British graveyard poets”. The poem was written in the early 19th century when most people believe Christian in America, but this poem was an unusual elegy which tells people; when things are died, they will all back to the nature, there is no heaven or hell, no afterlife. “Earth, that nourished thee, shall claim/ Thy growth to be resolved to earth again.”(From Thanatopsis; line22~23) Bryant suggests everything that in the human body is come from the earth and the nature. After we die, all of that will go back there. It also means we should have a good attitude to face the death when it comes to us because that is the time we are...
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