William Carlos Williams and His Imagist Poetry

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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William Carlos Williams and His Imagist Poetry

Modernism and Imagism, two movements in literature ,which were developed in the 20th century .At the beginning of the decade ,modernism was a revolution of style .Crime, depression, and materialism filled this era. Musician, artists,and writers broke away from technique to create a new art.Also, imagism brought fragmental and chaotic life where nobody felt secure and happy.After that,modernism was related with decent and realistic art form.The modernist artists like Edwin Dickinson and a painter Arthur Dove looked for an object of inspiration ,individual vision and the value of immediate observation where they emphasized on surroundings around them in everyday life.Some modernists were supported by photographer and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz who obtained the power to change the drift of American art. Moreover,art,drawing and painting were based on subjects describing actual world ideas.Also, modernism was a variety of ‘’-ism’’ such as Fauvism,Cubism,Dadaism and Futurism to break away the previous rules of orientations,color,and writing in order to their own visions. Some time after modernism,the imagist poets began to gain importance.They wrote short poems that their work would be rich and direct.They focused on individual images and clear description about subject. Furthermore,those movements wanted to eliminate inflexible structure of Romanticism where objects and images showed their true essence and to be freed from metaphors. One of the greatest American Poets of the 20th century who made a lasting impact on American poetry was William Carlos Williams. He combined and developed two movements in literature. As a fascinated boy by simple objects to a grown man who appeared as a simple commentator of everyday images, he was able to create Imagist poetry. William Carlos Williams was a poet whose writing was a great example of the modernist and imagist style . In his poetry, he used free verse , American rhythmic of speech and vivid images. He focused on fresh, clear and simple description about objects to find inspiration from daily life.

Williams was born in Rutherford, New Jersey on September 17, 1833 to parents who were deeply engaged in the arts and literature. His mother was an eager painter who loved romance, freedom and inspiration, while his father was a book lover who introduced William to his favored author Shakespeare. Also, William lived with his brother , grandmother and his two uncles. When William Carlos and his brother were growing up and speaking Spanish and French as well as English, they learned various personalities from the family members. This upbringing was impacted on his imagist poetry later in life which was stated obvious when William wrote,’’Of mixed ancestry, I felt from earliest childhood that America was the only home I could ever possibly call my own. I felt was expressly founded for me, personality’’(1).

However, William’s childhood was not easy to develop his creative side of artistic movement in writing. His British father, as a deeply religious man, rose up his son with a perfect set of morals. Along with this, William learned from early age that he was expected to succeed, so he worked as hard as he could to fulfill these expectations, he wrote that ‘’terror dominated my youth, not fear’’(2).According to James Breslin about...
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