William Byrd

Topics: Marriage, William Byrd II, Love Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Williams Byrd’s diaries give an inside view of what marriage and other relationships among the people in Virginia and what the relationships where like, during an important time in American History. His entries tell about tempestuous relationships among him and his first wife Lucy Parke Byrd and they reveal how they struggled to reconcile with their problems, and their disagreement about men and women’s proper roles in the colony. The Byrd’s marriage was filled with high tension and over who had the power and authority, it was also filled with intimacy, love, reason and passion. William Byrd II was born in 1674 in present-day Charles County, Virginia. When he was seven years old, his father sent him to London for schooling. While there, he became engrained into London’s society and politics. Not only did he study law, but he was also elected by friends in the aristocracy to the Royal Society in 1696. He also served as a representative of Virginia in London. While Byrd considered himself an Englishman, the fact that he was born in the colonies kept other true Englishmen from considering him as such. When Byrd returned to Richmond upon the death of his father in 1705. He had a very large inheritance, and was required to run the estate. He became very ambitious after his father’s death and sought the governorship of Virginia. When he was denied the position, William Byrd II returned to London on romantic endeavors. He was not only rejected by the elite women but also by the British government. Parliament sent Byrd back to Virginia, where he finally accepted his role as a mere Virginia delegate. His degree of respect was not entirely tainted, however, because it was Byrd who was chosen to commission the survey of the Virginia-North Carolina border. Upon his return to Virginia in 1705, he found that the colonies lacked the social vibrancy that he had found in England. Therefore, he began his search for a wife. His goal was not only to find companionship, in colonial...
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