William Blake: the Tyger

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William Blake: The Tyger
Out of all of Blake’s poems, the one I found most interesting is The Tyger. In the first stanza after seeing the tiger he asks him what kind of immortal being could possibly make something so evil/scary yet beautiful at the same time. The whole poem basically consists of him continuously questioning how and why such a creature was created. Although he is asking all these questions saying the same thing over and over wondering who it was that created the tiger, even though he does not directly come out and say that he is referring to God, it is pretty obvious. He also compares God to a blacksmith and wonders if God was happy after he created the tiger. Blake is using the tiger to symbolize everything evil yet beautiful at the same time on earth that was created by God. There are many things that you know are bad, yet you can not help but stay away from them. There are also so many people who successfully give off a certain image of goodness but inside they are nothing but evil. He wonders why God would even bother creating such things/people etc. I like how he is asking us as readers what we think, and getting us thinking about our views without pushing his views on us. He does not directly come out and say what he thinks, but just subtly hints at it and instead, asks what we think as the reader is the answer to these questions.
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