William Blake Poem

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Writing for the Humanities Flaka Sejdaj English 21001, Section P Due: December 17, 2009 Professor: Zach Samalin

William Blake Poem
William Blake, the worlds famous English poet (1757- 1827). He never limited himself to a title where you would say he’s poet of only romance or drama but whatever went wept through his soul he would engrave it in words. Joy and sorrow are opposite each other yet Blake develops poems from each aspect. The two poems I will be talking about are Infant Joy and Infant Sorrow. Infant Joy seems as if it’s a poem about an Infant named Joy. It is very perky and jolly. It appears as if there are two speakers one the Baby and the other asking how should they name the baby which probably would be the mother. It’s an exchange of words yet not having a hard time responding to each other and just going with the flow. Also, that they are talking about a new life very happily and it shows that they are not alone. In contrast of the Infant of Joy is the Infant of Sorrow. The Infant of sorrow is all about weeping and how dangerous things are and how unhappy the infant was. In infant sorrow, the baby is alone and telling how sad everything is describing the mother and fathers experiences but it’s not the same as Infant Joy where the mother shares the happiness with the infant. Noticing both poems, In Infant Joy since the mother is happy and luminous and pure Joy the baby turns out the same, meanwhile in Infant sorrow the Infant describes the mother and father in sorrow and you could just get that negative

feeling of them and therefore the Infant turned out the same with out Joy but with being unthankful of the world and life itself.
In infant Joy there are 4 syllables in the first line and the shortest syllables in the poem are 3. There are two stanzas and Blake uses ABCAAC for the first stanza and DBCEEC for the second stanza. In Infant Sorrow there are 8 syllables...
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