William Blake

Topics: Hamlet, Ghost, Characters in Hamlet Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Chart Outlining Incidents of Dramatic Irony

Example of Dramatic Irony from Acts I & II|CharactersInvolved|Sympathy? Antipathy?|Reason your sympathies lean as they do|Evidence – Lines and Explanation of Effect| Everyone in Denmark thinks King Hamlet died by a snake bite ,but the audience knows HamletIs aware of his father’s real cause of death.|Hamlet|I feel sympathy|He found out the murderer of his father and he must have felt sad and mad.|Prince Hamlet saw the ghost of his father, the old king of Denmark, and was told by him that Claudius, his uncle, murdered him by poisoning him to death. He started to have feelings of hatred towards Claudius ,to the point, he began to plot against Claudius’s life. | |Claudius|I feel antipathy |He lied to everyone about the death of king Hamlet to take over the throne. He is an assassin.|Claudius is the responsible of killing the old King of Denmark ,and he lied to everyone in the kingdom , so he could take over the throne and take the widow of king hamlet as his queen. He would do anything to keep his secret from being discovered, to the point, he tried to kill Hamlet.| Polonius thinks he knows why Hamlet was acting mad , but the audience knows Hamlet was pretending his actions.|Hamlet|I feel sympathy|He does not want to be discovered by anyone ,because he feels he has the right to avenge his father’s death and I agree with him.|Since the murdered of his father ,he is trying to avenge his death ,therefore he is plotting against King Claudius’s life ,and in order to succeed he needs to avoid any kind of suspiciousness, that is why he is pretending to be mad.| |Polonius|I do not feel any of those towards this character|I do not feel anything towards this character ,because he does not know the true, he was just trying to find out why hamlet was acting that way.|Polonius does not know the true ,he was told by his daughter that Hamlet was acting weird ,and he thought that was Hamlet’s love towards his daughter the cause of his...
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