Willa Cather

Topics: Willa Cather, A Lost Lady, Novel Pages: 4 (952 words) Published: July 12, 2012
Willa Carter
By: Shaan Phagura

Contributions to Literature

Willa was intent on telling the truths of a particular time and place and became a pioneer in American fiction. Cather’s Nebraska novels vibrate not only with the spoken language of ordinary people but also with the visual images that help a reader truly to see a place. Some critics, such as H. L. Mencken praised her for writing about ordinary people in ordinary language. She is also known for the clarity of her writing. She presents the relationships between her characters subtly. The themes of her novels are often related to the adventure of immigrating to a new continent and the rise of civilizations. And strong sense of place pervades Cather's work, for the settings are integrated into themes. Willa Cather’s novels had a profound effect on the world. Her early novels give strong examples to those wanting to start a new life in a new place. They give hope, inspiration, and encouragement to those fearing change. Her novels are used to this very day to show people the great impact of World War 1. Willa Carter was an early modernist writer and had her unique style and themes. Willa Cather is a heroic person who dedicated herself to writing. She took risks in what she did. Many people did not like the truth in what she wrote, but she continued writing to show people the reality of life. These risks have greatly contributed to the world of literature.


Willa Cather was born in Back Creek, Virginia on December 7, 1873. In 1883, Willa Cather moved with her family to Catherton, Nebraska. The following year the family relocated to nearby Red Cloud, the same town made famous by her writing. The nine-year-old had trouble adjusting to her new life on the prairie. After a year, Cather had developed a fierce passion for the land, something that remains at the core of her writing. By 1890, immigrants in Nebraska made up forty-three percent of the state population. Cather found herself...
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