Will You Please Be Quiet Please?

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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1. Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? by Raymond Carver Read the following stories; ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Why Honey’ These two stories should be annotated to reflect the close reading these tasks require. Neighbours

* A list of the central characters, and key textual elements in their construction (images, descriptions, names, relationships). * Bill and Arlene miller – couple
* Harriet and Jim Stones – lived across the hall

* Apartment
* Sunburst clock
* Mirror
* Liquor cabinet, drinking, cigarettes
* medicine
* Hawaiian shirt, slacks, shorts , Suit, tie, dress shoes, Cross dressing (if I look like them, I can be them) * Significant quotes which reveal key ideas in each story (again, thinking of the key textual elements through repeated imagery, oppositions/contrasts or significant dialogue) – at least 10 for each story. * ‘maybe they won’t come back’

* ‘braced themselves’
* ‘Anything could happen’
* ‘ I wish it was us’
* ‘looked at himself in the mirror and the closed his eyes and then looked again’ * ‘he tried to remember when the stones were due back, and he wondered if they would ever return’ * ‘or maybe they will come back…’

* ‘what’s gotten into you’
* ‘the air was already heavy and it was vaguely sweet’ * ‘for a long time he looked out the living room window’ * Identify what the tension of the story is – what is it that creates conflict? (respond in paragraph structures and not dot point) The story examines two couples, which both live so closely to each other and are great friends but both have different lives. The Millers wish they had the lifestyle that the Stones have the holidays, adventures, and their home, through this the Millers become desperate and lost in the actions of living in the stones environment. They try to live a lifestyle through the mirrors’ of the Stones, but realistically they know that it’s a lifestyle they may never have. * Resolution –...
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