Will the United Kingdom Join the Euro Club?

Topics: United Kingdom, European Union, Euro Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Will the United Kingdom Join the Euro Club?
From the arguments for and against joining the Euro Club and also taking into account the positive and negative impacts, I will at this time agree with others that the United Kingdom will not join the Euro Club. The government has said that it would decide to join the Euro if it is in Britain's economic interests to do so. For years, U.K. has being debating whether to abandon the pound sterling for the euro. The first thing is the supporter to sterling (British money) is not the U.K.'s best option. Because the national financial systems cannot merely intermediate deposits and enable payments domestically, this will lower the cost of capital for issuers of financial claims by effectively aggregating and deploying capital. As a result it will make individual capital markets to engage in competition to create regimes so as to provide the lowest total cost, and compete for the continued loyalty of self interested firms and savers. In this contest, small national systems are cost disadvantaged because they are subscale and relatively illiquid. The U.K.'s $8 trillion sterling denominated financial stock is merely a quarter of the euro zone's $32 trillion and a sixth of the U.S.'s $48 trillion. If the U. K. should joint the Euro Club or as another alternative, will be because the U.K. holds a greater share of foreign assets in the euro zone than in the U.S. $650 billion of British held debt and equity are in the Euro zone, vs. $420 billion in the U.S. Yet from other perspectives, the dollar is emerging as a viable contender for British adoption. First, unlike its assets, the U.K.'s foreign held liabilities are balanced across the U.S. and the Euro zone at $660 billion each. Second, 44% of all equity outstanding worldwide is dollar denominated (versus 16% for the euro), making this the world's preferred capital regime. Third, the dollar is on one side of 89% of all foreign transactions worldwide (as against 37% for the euro),...
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