Will the Internet Make the World Closer Argumentetive Essay

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Will the Internet Make the World Closer Argumentetive Essay
Saleh Alansari
Sunday,Oct 28 , 2012

One press of a button on your laptop can show you another world. Internet makes many of changes at several of scopes, such as obtainig credible sourses and developing huge range of commissinons (Wellman, 2002). For example, the high commission of developing the transportation, education, tourism, and presenting the civilization from country to another country (Wellman, 2002). Nowadays, the internet is already a part of our society (Wellman, 2002). In the 1970s, an international network of networks had been created and then computers, telephone lines, and radio networks had finally started working (Poole, & Schuyler, & Senft, 1999). After these developments, would human’s life be completely transformed? Even though there are different levels of technology around the world, Wellman mentions the levels do not matter about the Internet’s impact on both societies and individuals today (Wellman, 2002). The Internet will make the world closer in business, communication and education.

First of all, there are many ways that will improve business by Internet and the technology. Internet can lead businessman or businesswomen to communicate with their workers easily. As well as it can help people to find a great business. Internet in these days is very important for many people, notably businessman or businesswoman. However, that is significant for a lot of other, such as people who do not have enough money to travel to find new businesses and featured for many of them. What has the Internet developed in our business? Is not too hard to answer this question if we look at the development of ordering, accounting, selling, advertising, and managing (Michal, 1997). Businessman or businesswomen can easily see themselves only as consumers whose participation is limited to purchasing decision that together add up to a market force pushing one way or another to develop their business (Zittrain, 2008). In short, the Internet has encouraged people to develop their businesses in easy way.

Second, people who usually using the Internet are more likely to use the Internet in a variety of social activities and to communicate with friends and family members (Wellman, 2002). The presence of the Internet is important in many things, such as access to resources, social interaction, and communication to local community and outside community (Wellman, 2002). People these days are traveling and mostly of people are studying outside of their own countries in order to achieving at least one of their dreams. At the same time, they always like to have a connection with their friends and families. They are lucky because they are in the era of globalization, developed Internet and the evolution in this world of technology day by day. Now, everyday we hear about a new device of specializing in telecommunications, such as iPhones, Galaxy, etc and it is clearly connected to the Internet server. Most people who use the internet say that the Internet has increase their communication between family members and friends as well as it has a unique quality as a communication channel and the ability to easily connect with others who has similar interest, values, and beliefs. (John, & Katelyn, & McKenna, 2004).

Third, there are many reasons that help to say online education is great in someway, such as accessible 24 hours and student-centered teaching. The Internet leads students to study whenever and wherever they want (Online Education Database, 2012). For example, they can travel for their pleasures or businesses and they do not need to focus on their fixed schedules like they should attend their classes on time. Student-centered teaching means everyone has his or her own way to study (Alan, 2009). For instance, some people are more likely to learn online and everyone has his or her owns...
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