Will Smartphones and Tablet Pcs Replace Laptops?

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Will Smartphones and Tablet PCs replace laptops?

Laptops have, since the early 2000s, been the only choice for on the go computing. As recently as 2006 though, smartphones have been slowly working their way into mobile computing. Even more recently, tablet PCs have been able to prove that you do not need a full size laptop to be productive on the go. Some people would argue that these “ultraportable devices” are not as capable as full size laptops doing everything they can do such as multitasking. I disagree. I think smartphones and tablets will replace laptops because they are much more portable, they can perform tasks just as well as their full size competitors and they cost much less.

Laptops have one problem; they are large and somewhat bulky. Smartphones and tablets are slim and they can be carried around in your pocket or in your hand while not adding much bulk. For a laptop to be considered “full size,” you usually are looking at a 13-inch screen or larger. These larger screens, while giving the user more room to display their information, can be a pain to carry around due to their larger and awkward size. Also, the battery life of laptops is usually around 3 ½ to 4 hours which can be a problem for some people. However, to get a bigger battery means more weight. A standard laptop can weigh about 4-5 pounds. More weight can be a bigger burden to the user. Smartphones and Tablets use ultra low power screens and processors to achieve 6 hours of battery life or better, and weigh less than a pound, making them perfect for on the go productivity.

Laptops have been popular for their desktop like performance. They are able to go on the web, check email, and create and edit documents. In addition, a laptop can get very hot while in use. In fact, an actual condition can come from using your laptop on your lap. Scrotal hyperthermia, where a male’s reproductive organs can become overheated has been found to happen during normal use. Using a tablet or...
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