Will Modern Technology Such as the Internet Ever Replace the Books as the Main Source of Information

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Assignment 1

Traveling backwards through time would definitely be the best idea to witness the creation of the biggest source of information "the book", and we would find out that people back then relied completely on books for information, stories and history. And the best way to reach into somebody's mind was to open his book. Today, after the fascinating invention of the internet or in other words the World Wide Web, books are no longer relied on and people buried all the books in libraries. The internet is now considered to be the modern source of information instead of the old fashionable books.

Paragraph 1:
The creativity of writing started 5,000 years ago in Egypt when people used rocks and clay to write on, information and history began to be kept and hidden instead of fading away with time. Years and years passed by and the writing process started to develop until the 8th century where papers were made. People at that time used books for everything and it was the most important source for them to get information. Thousands and thousands of books were made and the amount of information was huge, and it was really hard to find some specific information among all this huge amount of books and pages. The internet was finally invented and the great number of books and information didn’t matter anymore. It's now the internet under the spot lights. And it can help you get anything about any subject you want with less time and less effort. So would this amazing invention replace books are the main source of info?

Paragraph 2:
During the 1960s when the internet was invented, searching for information started to become much easier. And with a click on some keyboard buttons you can find and read any book you want. All books from all times are present on the internet pages. So people won't bother to go to libraries and search for books and spending hours to find specific...
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