Will Japan Become a True Military-Backed Superpower?

Topics: Japan Self-Defense Forces, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Ministry of Defense Pages: 7 (2816 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Will Japan become a true military-backed superpower?
From the size and strength of the Japanese Self-Defense Force to maintain high military spending to strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance and to adjust its military strategies, Japan's military moves on the four areas to be analyzed. Stressed that Japan wants to show the world it is a military power, Japanese troops are moving towards the nature and functions of major changes ahead. I.The Japanese Self-Defense Forces to become a regional military power by the military. Japan's Self-Defense Forces was established in 1954. Its predecessor was established when the Korean War broke out, the paramilitary police force (75,000). By 2002, 283,000 Japanese troops were prepared, of which 259,000 soldiers, civilian as 24,000 people. Ground Self-Defense Force 148,000 people, has 13 divisions, 1,130 tanks; MSDF 44000, 154 ships with combat ships (destroyers and frigates of 57 ships and submarines, 15), the Air Self-Defense Force 45,000. has 400 combat aircraft. Another 53,000 reservists, it has the Defense Agency and representatives of UN organizations, compiling more than 7,000 people. Japan irregular forces to the Maritime Self-Defense Force as an example, it has the existing staff of about 45,000 (not including the Coast Guard), 152 major warships ships, frigates and destroyers, 53 (including four "Aegis" destroyers),16 submarines, 31 anti-ship mine-laying vessels. Air major aircraft 205, F-97 P3C anti-submarine patrol aircraft. Generally speaking, Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force mine, air defense and anti-submarine capabilities are relatively strong, relatively advanced weaponry. In the Pacific region, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force contingent is ranked second after the United States Navy's most powerful naval force, its submarine forces in the Pacific region ranked third. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer is the major surface ships, Japan in the construction of the destroyers have excellent performance over a long history, dating back to the Second World War period. the destroyer is the best in the world. Among them, the Ground Self-Defense Force troops in the British general; Tanks more than Britain, France, Italy and SSB. MSDF vessels have exceeded all the major combat Medium military, two military power after the United States and Russia. It ranked third in the world. Combat aircraft of the Air Self-Defense Force more than Italy, near Germany, Britain and France. In short, Japan's SDF has developed into a complete services, advanced weaponry and combat capability of the armed forces. [1] II. Maintain high military spending and step up its purchases of advanced weaponry and sophisticated military technology. Japan's annual military budget is about 42 billion U.S. dollars, ranking the sixth in the world. Due to historical, political and other reasons, Japan's military spending accounted for nearly 30 years does not account for a large proportion of the gross national product. generally maintained at around 1%. However, as Japan's economy developed, its gross national product base, and thus its military absolute considerable. Apart from the large amount, the use of Japan's military spending is also showing high efficiency, for the purchase and development of proportion and some strong support by the popular science features. According to a report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, Japan's military expenditure in 1995 to 50.2 billion U.S. dollars. nine ASEAN's total military spending is equivalent to more than three times; , it is also much higher than China, North Korea, South Korea three and the aggregate China seven times, it is South Korea's four times. Moreover, the Japanese military and the NATO countries have different statistical methods, it does not include Japan, the pensions for retired servicemen. Pensions, and the Coast Guard universe expenses and other expenses. If all together, the number is even...
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