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  • Published : June 13, 2012
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When Will Ferrell is brought up in a conversation, the majority of the time, the first thing that becomes present in our minds is his outrageous comedic behavior. He has become one of the biggest box office stars in America on the basis of the strong comedy persona he encompasses: He takes characters and situations to the absolute extreme, yet still is extremely humorous. Ferrell’s ability to express outrageous, exaggerated behavior in an appealing way in leading roles increases his fan base with every performance.

Born on July 16, 1967 in Orange County, Irvine, Will Ferrell was the first of the two sons. Will spent his early years as a child in Irvine like most children. By the time Will started school, conflicts had begun to surface in his parent’s marriage and in 1975, when Will was eight years old, they had eventually divorced. Will was fairly popular among other students despite his family’s modest lifestyle in his elementary school years. The popularity he enjoyed in school was due to his naturally bright outlook, and his ability to make his peers laugh. He says: “I like to characterize my self as a conscientious class clown. I enjoyed being funny and making my friends laugh but I wasn’t obnoxious…”

Following elementary school and a short stint of middle school, Will entered University High School where his popularity continued to grow. It was during his high school years that Will first took notice of professional comedians. His serious interest in comedy came only gradually. He was like many other casual fans of comedy of the period and later claimed that the show Second City Television (SCTV) had the largest impact on him. However in his late senior year, Will, witnessing the roller coaster ride of his father’s business, purposely avoided looking into comedy or any other form of show business as a career option. In 1991, Ferrell, knowing he could no longer continue along his path of being a sport’s information major, decided to take the four-part...
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