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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Will Bury Business Proposal
April 14, 2012

Will Bury Business Proposal
This business proposal is brought forth to disclose recommendations to Will Bury (Bury) in an attempt to improve revenue and the correlated production quantities of the business. Recommendations are directed toward modifying fixed cost, variable costs, maximization of profits, and identifying methods to minimize costs. Included in this proposal is the processes used in generating the recommendations and some economic perceptions that relate to the proposed recommendations. Overview

Over the past few years, Will Bury has been inventing and operating out of his garage. In the mist of his creations, Bury developed a technology that takes printed text material and produces a file with the option of reciting the text digitally or listening to it via synthetic speech. Bury has cost free access to books no longer copyright protected, and he assumes that there will be royalty fees of $5 per title for copyrighted books. Currently, Bury has no assistance, and he is overwhelmed with essential tasks such decision-making, acquisitions, digitally transforming, and scanning books. Will Bury Conjectures

During preparation of this proposal, certain functional and marketing conjectures will be loosely based on Will Bury’s current state of affairs. These conjectures are drawn from Bury’s situation and are as follows: * Bury developed a proprietary technology and has no competition in his industry * Bury will need to hire and train an associate; will take six months to compete this * Demand increases 25% for every $1 the older books decrease in price * Sales increase by 10% for every $1 increase in new book prices * At $18, sales decline 25% for every $1 increase in new book prices * Two people can bring approximately 10 books to market (daily) Recommendation Process. Recommendations begin with the determination of the company’s market status....
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