Wilhelm Wundt

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Psychology is the study of the mind, occurring partly via the study of behavior. Grounded in scientific method psychology has the immediate goal of understanding individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases, and for many it ultimately aims to benefit society. My paper is mainly focused on Wilhelm Wundt a brilliant psychologist. Wilhelm Wundt was born August 16, 1832 He died August 31, 1920 Wilhelm Wundt graduated from the University of Heidelberg with a degree in medicine. He went on to study briefly with Johannes Muller and later with the physicist Hermann von Helmholtz. Wundt's work with these two individuals is thought to have heavily influenced his later work in experimental psychology. The main focus of this paper is to express my opinion on my leader of choice Mr. Wundt. The main ideas of this is to explain my view of a leader, tell who Mr. Wundt is, why did I chose him as my leader. Also to discuss a little about myself and my value as a leader. My field of study is Health Science I want to become a Health Information Technologist (H.I.T). The reason why I chose this field was the fact that I don’t like to directly interact with patience and being a H.I.T I would not have to talk to them directly. Also the medical field is always going to be around and when I researched my field of study it said there was going to be a higher demand for people in Health Information Technology. I have to complete 69 credits to graduate by the end of 2013. H.I.T is a two year course, when my course is complete I will receive an associate’s degree in Health Information technology. I am currently registered as a half time student but next semester I will be a full time student to hopefully complete all my classes in as little time as possible. Wilhelm Wundt is my leader Wilhelm Wundt is best known for: the establishment of the first psychology lab, His influence on the school of thought known as structuralism, Introspection....
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