Wilgus's Night Ride

Topics: Family Pages: 3 (1261 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Allie Comley
Dr McCormick
Night Ride
In this short story, we learn about a thirteen year old boy named Wilgus, who, by the end of the story, has had his rite of passage with the help of his uncle Delmer. We all know that one adult who is very irresponsible and the person we would want to keep our kids away from. That is the kind of person Delmer is. He drinks in front of Wilgus and even lets Wilgus drink too. He also drives while he is drunk, which, in this day and age, is illegal. Eventually, in the end, Wilgus drives them home because Delmer is so drunk that he is passed out. All of this irresponsibility is what leads to Wilgus’ rite of passage. The main theme of this story is Wilgus’ rite of passage but without Delmer, it never would’ve happened.

The second most important character is one who is not only there throughout most if not all of the story, but who also helps the main character (Wilgus) grow. Delmer does just that. Unlike Wilgus’ grandparents, Delmer is there throughout almost the entire story. And when he isn’t, he’s still contributing to Wilgus’ growth. He leaves Wilgus in the truck almost as soon as they leave his grandparents’ house when he goes inside a friend’s house. When Delmer comes back he has a bag with cans of beer in them. Although Wilgus had never had a full can of beer before, he had had little sips. This was his chance to finally drink beer--at thirteen! Now it wasn’t like Delmer said, “Here you go kid.” He just gave Wilgus the opportunity without saying a word.

“ Wilgus had never actually had his own full can to drink all by himself before. But when he took the sip he suddenly realized it was time. For there he was, cruising along the highway, leaning hard around the curves, heading off with his uncle with two six packs of beer and Mac Wiseman singing on the radio. If this wasn’t the time for him to have his own beer then there would never be one” (Norman 25). Drinking those beers not only got Wilgus a little...
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