Wiley Jackson

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Case 4.5 – Wiley Jackson, Accounting Major

Auditing I – 8:05 TU

Group G: Amy Favre, Leslie Francis, Chengcheng Jiang, Andrew Scott

I have proofread the final draft and made the necessary corrections. ____________________________ (Writer)

I have proofread at least one earlier complete draft of this report. As part of that proofreading process, I provided to the writer suggestions on how to improve the report. ____________________________ (Coordinator)

____________________________ (Spokesperson)
____________________________ (Reviewer)

After successfully completing a 3-month internship for a major accounting firm, Wiley Jackson has been offered a job upon graduating with his master’s degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During his graduate program, he received a packet of documents from the accounting firm, one in particular being a “Statement of Arrests and Convictions” form. While attending a graduation party for recent graduates from UWM, Wiley received a minor-in-possession citation. Wiley isn’t sure what to put on this form and must make a decision. We will go over how we would respond facing this decision, how the office managing partner (OMP) should deal with this matter if the citation isn’t disclosed, and if it’s a moral or ethical responsibility of a current employee of the firm to inform the OMP of the matter. While placing ourselves in Wiley’s position, we must identify the decision alternatives available for the situation. We came up with two possible alternatives. The first alternative would be to disclose the citation and the other to not disclose the citation. The first alternative consists of disclosing the event upfront, facing the repercussions, and hoping for the best where the OMP gives Wiley a chance. As for the other alternative, Wiley could not disclose and see what the judge decides. He has been informed from the attorney he contacted, that for first-time offenders, this attorney has always been...
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