Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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A Birds Nest of Opportunities
As a kid and an adult, I have encountered numerous occasions in which I’ve stumbled upon a neglected baby bird. Instinctually, I would think picking up the baby bird, bringing it into my home, and consoling it would be the most beneficial to the animal. After reading an article on South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers (SPWRC) website, I was surprised to learn doing the exact opposite would be better for the birds’ ultimate well-being. There are many issues that can be easily over looked because they do not necessarily affect one’s life directly. The both educational and environmentally beneficial programs at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center can be a useful tool, to not only open one’s eyes to unseen issues, but also create a more diverse and stable local wildlife.

South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center hosts a variety of volunteer opportunities. In my opinion the most exciting program would be the hands on wildlife care program. This program involves, preparing meals, feeding animals, and helping with medical treatment, all while creating unique bonds with each animal. Also, the volunteer would learn the procedures for aiding the animals that are brought in for care and answering any questions about a wildlife emergency properly. If one is more drawn to the outdoors and wants more of a physical volunteer experience, helping with the building and grounds maintenance is a perfect opportunity for physical work. The program involves handy work, lawn care, landscaping, and general maintenance activities. Most importantly, this program includes the responsibility of maintaining a clean and suitable environment for the animals. Another opportunistic program with SPWRC is the environmental education program. This program is for volunteers who enjoy educating the public, it involves setting up educational materials, being able to handle educational animals, and teaching the community about the centers’ wildlife....
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