Wilderness vs Civilization

Topics: Wilderness, Nature, Gary Snyder Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Wilderness Versus Civilization

In "The Place, the Regions, and the Commons," Gary Snyder discusses the importance of place when dealing with the environment and establishment of ideological hearths. The contrasting sides between the natural world and synthetic societies play a large part within the essay, for we must take a stand when determining our own personal place. Snyder cites many examples of how humanity's search for place leads to the destruction of the natural world around us, such as overgrazing in the commons. This clash between the necessity for a stable "place" and the universal needs of nature force us to find an equilibrium in which a comprehensive happiness can be reached.

Snyder follows up on this environmental critique with a deeper philosophical mindset. He eagerly suggests the idea that our longing for "place" severely reflects our subconscious tendencies and realities. There are a frustrating number of examples of bioregional selfishness, such as the tragedy of the commons. However, there are also a delightful abundance of examples that demonstrate the optimistic and altruistic deeds completed in order to insure the health of the habitat within. There are two sides of a coin when dealing with the darkness and purity of mankind as a whole. This same coin exists within us individually, and it is up to us to decide which side lands facing up.

It is a difficult task to describe the inner conflicts that occur within myself solely through text. In order to properly express my true feelings and thoughts, another medium must be used. In this scenario, it would be best to demonstrate my newfound resolve and terror through the eyes of a camera lens. Ever since I moved to Boone to begin my college career, I have begun a new personal era of introspection. I seek to know why I commit the corrupt sins that I succumb to, and why I choose to aid subjects that I could optionally neglect. By observing these hidden demons and saints within my soul,...
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