Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures

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My Group case is about Stan Cook’s Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures. So for my personal paper I have decided to research reasons as to why people should chose to come visit Newfoundland and Labrador, and partake in what the wonderful Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures has to offer instead of travelling elsewhere for a similar adventure. I will define the term ecotourism, and list some reasons as to why it is a growing activity in the travel industry. I will describe what products Wilderness Newfoundland Adventure has to offer, I will conduct a competitive analysis, consisting of direct and in direct competition. I will also highlight what makes tourism in Newfoundland completely different from the rest of the world and why it keeps Stan Cook’s Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures such a healthy thriving business. Wilderness Newfoundland Adventure’s Product

Wilderness Newfoundland Adventure offers single and multi-day tours, including kayak day (approximately eight hours), half day and sunset trips. As well, they offer weekend tours, multi-day combination activity tours, multi-day single-activity tours, along with on site and off site equipment rentals. (Cori- Jane & H.F Mackenzie, Pearson) Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures season begins on May 1 and continues until the end of October. Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures offers five months of exciting kayaking tours and day adventures, guided hikes, whales, icebergs and more. With over forty years of providing fun, safe and exhilarating experiences. (http://www.wildnfld.ca/adventures.asp)

Wilderness Newfoundland Adventures Prices
Full day & half day
Full Day: $349 Canadian(Lunch included)Half Day: $149 Canadian (http://www.wildnfld.ca/rates.asp)
Weekend / Multi-day tours
Iceberg Alley5 Day$2,390.00 tax not includedSea Kayaking / Coastal Walking / Iceberg Viewing / Cultural ExplorationAll Roofed Accommodations (http://www.wildnfld.ca/rates.asp) Legendary Whale Wonders5 DaySouthern Shore$2,390.00 tax not includedSea Kayaking / Whale Watching / Coastal Hiking / Cultural Exploration/ roofed

accommodations ( http://www.wildnfld.ca/rates.asp)
What is Ecotourism?
Ecotourism is purposeful travel that created and understanding of a region’s culture and natural history, while safeguarding the integrity of the ecosystem and producing economic benefits. . (Cori-Jane Radford & H.F Mackenzie)

Newfoundland has such rich culture, vast history and beautiful unique sight seeing that gives Newfoundland a competitive drive on the global scale for ecotourism. Adventure Travel and Ecotourism in Newfoundland and Labrador

The tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador has evolved substantially to the point where traditional markets are being separated into highly specific niche markets. The adventure tourism market is still in it’s developing stages, therefore leaving plenty of room for growth in the industry. The Appeal of Adventure Travel And Ecotourism vs. Other unrelated activities

Adventure travel and ecotourism for one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism sectors. It holds appeal for traveller who are no longer happy with traditional vacations, like Cruise Ships and tropical beach destinations. Members of these groups look for the things that adventure travel and ecotourism offer: excitement, risk, unique experiences, education and fun. (Cori-Jane

Radford & H.F Mackenzie)
Newfoundland and Labrador is in a good position to profit from the increased demand for adventure tourism. The province offers pristine environments, wildlife and challenging experiences. Due to the fact the eco-tourism business is highly seasonal, with very few opportunities to open all year. Despite its potential, Newfoundland attracts a small amount of the North American Market. Clearly there are opportunities for growth in this type of business. However, the task is not easy because international competition has kept pace with the growth in demand. Consumers...
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