Wild Water Gets Soaked

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  • Published : July 29, 2011
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Wild Water Gets Soaked

I believe that the macroenvironmental elements that affect the Salernos are laws and regulations and the economy. The Salernos have to abide by laws and regulations as any business in the United States. They are affected by the economy because their business is only open several months out of the year. In this time frame they have to put in extra work in order to make sufficient income in the limited amount of months that they are open. Their limited income has stopped them from upgrading the park, which is needed to stay relevant. The element of the competitive environment that the Salernos face now is customers. As with all businesses the customers are the driving force. The Salernos have a good customer base as of now and they satisfy their current customers needs. The fact that they currently do not have any competition helps because that is the only place residents and customers can go to for that type of enjoyment in the area.

In the next few years Wild Water’s can anticipate to be affected by all of the elements of both the macroenvironment and the competitive environment. The element of laws and regulations is present because Wild Water will need some expensive safety upgrades due to new state safety laws. The element of the economy is affected because with new competition they will have to change their strategic chooses to what customers are demanding. Technology plays a huge part in this also because they will be competing with a company that can afford the most current and up-to-date technologies. Demographics will be affected because with the new condominiums being built Wild Water’s will have a new type of customer to accommodate. They will need to think of what kinds of characteristics these people have and understand what these new customers will be looking for in an amusement park. The social issues and the natural environment that Wild Water is affected by is that older customers may not like the changes that are...
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