Wild Child

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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The movie Wild Child written by Lucy Dahl and directed by Nick Moore is a hilarious movie based on a Malibu princess who thinks everything revolves around her. The relationship between the characters Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) and her father Gerry Moore (Aidan Quinn) is very a modern day relationship just like one most teens will have with their father. Poppy always thinks she is right and believes she can overrule her father. Poppy only has her father to depend on, as she was little her mother died in a car accident after this she hits the rails and has acted out ever since. A perfect example of this is when Poppy’s father has met a women and told her to come and live them. The morning of the move the moving truck turns up at Poppy’s house with the girlfriends stuff, Poppy has invited all her friends, the movers open up the back of the truck and Poppy yells “alright guys let’s give my dad’s new girlfriend a true Malibu welcome!” most teenage girls like to get under their parents skin, but this is way too far, most people I know wouldn’t go this far let alone open someone boxes up and go through their stuff with their friends! But Poppy doesn’t care and believe it or not goes further she takes a pile of the girlfriends clothing and jumps of f the cliff out the back of their house, and bombs into the sea. Her father arrives home horrified and yells at her “this is the final straw Poppy! You are going to boarding school in England.” Poppy being the horrid teenager she is just blows this off and pretends she doesn’t care. At this stage if this was me I would be at my dad’s knees begging don’t do this to me but she simply doesn’t care! Once she is shipped off to boarding school she realises how she has treated her father and feels very bad, when she sees how much he has done for her. I think in this movie they way friendship is portrayed is very factual as it shows that friendship is just all dandy and perfect that there is people who just act like your friends. Most...
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