Wikileaks, It Has Been Worth It

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Wikileaks, It has been worth it!
Wkileaks is an international media organization based in Sweden. Wikileaks published lots of secret documents at the last a few years. All sources were hid by Wikileaks during the publishing. Wikileaks showed us invisible side of the many countries and important politician or governer. Wikileaks attracted attention of the international media which published to secret documents. Many countries and organizations showed too much reaction to Wikileaks. Althought, Wikileaks continues to publishing for another secret documents. Besides, Wkileaks is only and first media organization which published the secret documents. According to my researches, Pentagon said that, Julian Assange who leaded to the Wikileaks is a threat for the U.S. Army. Also, Any source and media organizations know to answer of the this question. Question is ‘Where is Assange?’ Wikileaks faced some problems in the last months which attacked by hackers. Thats the reason is why Wikileaks couldn’t publish some secret documents. Apart from these reasons, Wkileaks have some economic problems that caused to close Wikileaks website in the last February. Wikileaks exceeded this problem throught the supporters. Wikileaks continues to the publishing to all documents one by one. Some sources guess that There are a million secret documents which is waiting to publishing by the Wikileaks. Another important point is Wikileaks almost published a million documents. In my opinion, Wikileaks has to do that. I said that It causes to pressure on the countries and important politician or governer when Wikileaks do that. That is a kind of control mechanism on the countries and important politician or governer. Therefore, Countries must develop their security systems or be careful at the every political moves. For example: Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said that, On subject of the security systems, Wikileaks isn’t guilty about the secret documents. The guilty one is the...
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