Topics: Classified information, United States, National security Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: April 27, 2013
WikiLeaks: Is It a Threat?
Do you believe WikiLeaks is a threat to national security? WikiLeaks is an open website that reveals classified documents to the general public. It has released almost 250,000 documents in the past two years. “The Pentagon has said it took weeks to ascertain what damage had been done” (BBC). Many of the leaks are believed to be falsified information. “Covert or confidential planning in the national interest, or to further international peace and security, is now compromised” (Alford). WikiLeaks is a serious threat to national security. WikiLeaks is a threat for three reasons: reveals the identities of operatives, defaces the name of the USA to foreign countries, and threatens the safety of the USA. A danger of WikiLeaks is it revels the identities of operatives both foreign and citizen. WikiLeaks allows the names of many allies and operative missions to be posted on a public website. This type of exposure endangers many oversea operatives’ identities and positions. WikiLeaks has openly admitted to putting the names of many operatives on their site as means to “allow an open view of the government”. The open view is endangering many more lives than it is saving. The public website allows many terror groups, as well as different foreign governments’ access to the private documents of our national government. This lack of security gives any person the ability to see the names of the citizens and operatives risking their lives to defend our country. “The amount of classified information could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk" (BBC). These leaks are not a way of ridding American of the wall of secrets our government has put up but a danger that will only hurt us. WikiLeaks is damaging to our image as a nation. When we can’t keep our own secrets, how are we going to be able to keep the intelligence of any other nation? “Clearly we condemn the unauthorized release of classified information. The leaks and their publication...
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