Topics: United States Army, Iraq War, United States Department of Defense Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Cassandra Goldwater
English Composition
Cause and effects essay
The cause and effects of Wikileaks
Nowadays, media forms such as newspapers, TV and the Internet play an crucial role in the society. They are the main source of information for the general public. We can have access to the latest news anytime, anywhere by a variety of methods. But is that a things to celebrate for? Let's ask ourselves some questions: Why does Wikileaks have to exist if a lot of nations in the world are advocating the idea of "freedom of speech" and "the rights to access to public records"? And why is it that the owner of Wikileaks is being hunted for publishing information that should be available for the general public. Recently USA just announced that the US Military Classifies Wikileaks As "Enemy Of The United States"1. Is it because Assange exposed the ugly truth about the war in Irag?And as far as I'm concerned, there are not many people that have been classified as "Enemy Of The United States". Also, isn't it sad that you are ban from one country because you have exposed their lies.Come to think of it, Not just the US, but other countries are afraid that their classified information will be released as well. As soon as the rumors that more information would be released arose, rape charges, molestation investigation and other accuses against the founder of Wikileaks appeared2. It does make you wonder why all of them did not happen before the incident. Are they some sort of dirty tricks in order to shut Assange down? Has society become so degraded that we only put criminals in prison when they do something bad for us? Is there anything else that has been covered up by governments? The Irag War expanded for 8 years, who knows what had happened during that time span? The photos by Wikileaks were taken in 2007, and that was one skirmishes. According to statistics, there were more than four thousands us soldiers died and more...
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